Department of Archaeology

The degree in Archaeology combines the theoretical and the practical. In this major students learn about all aspects of ancient civilizations. Stewardship of our heritage is a major concern of modern archaeology and our program recognises this through a component in Cultural Heritage Management.

All students have the possibility to participate in practical archaeological fieldwork through excavations. For those who prefer written texts there is a comprehensive program of courses in ancient languages, history and literature.

Recognizing the growing importance of popular history and archaeology the department has recently expanded program offerings to include courses in film and media for students contemplating this career path.


  • Weight of the Department of Archaeology in Turkey to be among to the other departments
  • Submission of Quality Education
  • The formation of adequate teaching staff
  • The ideal arrangement of a course program
  • The establishment of adequate infrastructure
  • Educational level of the participants and to provide a practical built
  • The newly established universities, teaching staff training
  • Field work (excavation, museum and surveys) to
  • Preparation of qualified scientific publications
  • The establishment of international relations at the University
  • Departments of archeology, establishing relations with universities abroad
  • "Sister University" telephone co-operation
  • Regulation of and contribution of national and international congresses


  • Presentation of the cultural heritage of Anatolia and the surrounding area for future generations
  • Preparation of qualified scientific publications
  • Qualified scientific projects by performing surface, underground and underwater monuments and ruins, detection, investigation and protection
  • Training of scientists presenting quality education


  • Updating of knowledge
  • he use of technological possibilities
  • Participant and researcher training
  • Combining theoretical knowledge with practical applications
  • The sharing of information at the international level
  • Community awareness of cultural heritage
  • Cultural heritage protection
  • Admission Requirements

    Students are selected and placed to the programme basing on the scores of central university placement test conducted by OSYM (Student Selection and Placement Center) within the quota specified by the same center. There are no other spesific admission requirements other than the general ones.

    Graduation Requirements

    So as to be granted a degree, students are required to be successful in the courses offered by the programme and fulfill 240 ECTS requirement with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2,00 out of 4,00