Department of Biology

Department of Biology was first established according to the meeting at  04.08.1999 and  started education in 2006. The department is divided into five major scientific branches: Biotechnology, Botany, General Biology, Molecular Biology and Zoology. Our staff consists of 1 professor, 6 assistant professors and 3 research assistants who are also PhD students.

Every year the Department admits approximately 30 undergraduate students. The Department also offers graduate training. There are 7 M.Sc. s


The purpose of our department is to prepare our students as individuals with contemporary knowledge for business world and academic research by giving both theoritical and practical education, which is in accordance with present needs, in the different fields of biology.


  • To have academic staff having knowledge to meet the needs of age, skills and ethical values
  • To educate the students as individuals prefered in national and international platform
  • To create knowledge and technologies serving humanity and community by using available resources effectively and to share them with scientific world
  • To be a department which researches, queries, produces information, and provides interdisiplinary cooperation


  • To be known as a department with comprehensive, qualified and contemproray education in our country and all around the world
  • To make research for contributing to scientific development of our university and our country
  • To graduate our student with universal knowledge, skills, ability to think independently and ethical values

Admission Requirements

So as to be admitted to the program, students are required to get the minimum base score from university placement test conducted by Student Selection and Placement Center.

Graduation Requirements

In order to be granted a bachelor’s degree from the program, a student must be successful in compulsory courses listed in the schedule and fulfill 240 ECTS in total, and have minimum cumulative GPA of 2,00 out of 4,00.