Reconstruction in Education

Brief Information

Universities have several missions including creating, developing, evaluating, protecting, distributing and operating knowledge and these powerful institutions present their contributions to the society and values they give to education and training with academic and social activities they carry out.

Kocaeli University became a member of the European Universities Association (EUA) in 2001, fulfilled the condition for being involved into Erasmus Program in 2004 and signed the “Magna Carta Charter“ in 2006, and it is one of the bright doors of the society opening to the future.

In our country, works related to transparency, mutual trust and recognition, benefiting from experiences and quality assurance have been started by adopting common goals together with the higher education institutions in Europe within the scope of Bologna process in the higher education area.

In this context, revision of contents and methods of education and training and restructuring process have been designed at Kocaeli University. The key sentence of this process will be “Not how much we have taught, but how much a student has learned”.

"During this period which we have called "Restructuring Education and Quality Process", all the qualifications of our university in the entire programs will be determined within the scope of national qualifications framework of higher education with a democratic participatory understanding, and course programs will be arranged in a way to reach these qualifications, results will be evaluated with a systematic method of measurement and works about sustainable quality in education will be carried out.

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