About Us

Faculty of Science and Arts was founded in 1993. The focus of faculty is handling teaching and research together. The Faculty offers a comprehensive, exciting range of programmes to different interests and talents and a quality education provided by expert and engaged faculty members. There are nine departments in the faculty: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Philosophy, Turkish Language and Literature, Western Languages and Literatures, Archaeology and History. Students admitted to the Faculty should be studied 4-years in order to exit with a bachelor s degree expect in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics departments in which students oblige to study 1-year in English preparatory school.

Double Degree Programme (DDP) allows students to graduate with two degrees in two different disciplines from two different Departments/Faculties within the university. Depending on the combination, DDP students may double count some courses taken towards the requirements of both degrees, thus enabling the student to complete the two degrees in a shorter period than it would take to complete both degrees separately. Some of undergraduate students have gone on to pursue graduate studies; others have stepped directly into the world of work, equipped with the skills necessary for success. All departments offer Master Programme (MSc/MA) and departments of Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Turkish Language and Literature and Philosophy offers both MSc/MA and PhD programmes.

Both undergraduate and graduate students have the opportunity to take part in international exchange programs (Erasmus) and spend part of their education in universities in Europe. Faculty of Arts and Sciences employs 150 academic staff including 17 Professors, 19 associate professors, 55 assistant professors, 43 research assistants and 15 lecturers and additional 20 administrative personnel. There are currently 3732 undergraduate students and a total of 151 MSc/MA and PhD students in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

The main purposes of the faculty are; - to train every student as fully equipped in science and social fields, - to be sensitive indiviuals to the problems of country and environment. The faculty also shows sensitivity about to see its graduated students; - to be opened to continually renew their knowledge, - to acquire lifetime training to themselves as a principle, - to take active role to construct Turkey as one of the modern civil world nation.