Objectives of Program

The primary objective of Mevlana Exchange Programme is to exchange students and academic staff between the Turkish higher education institutions and higher education institutions of other countries. Additionally, Mevlana Exchange Programme aims;

  • Making Turkey a centre of attraction in higher education area,
  • Increasing the academic capacity of Turkish higher education institutions,
  • Contributing to the globalization process of higher education,
  • Sharing the historical and cultural heritage of Turkey in a global scale, Enriching the culture of respect and tolerance to differences by increasing intercultural interaction

Benefits of Program

Mevlana students who have the opportunity to study abroad will be able to express themselves on the international level and will have both analytic and comparative point of view. The students who will study abroad thanks to this programme will have the chance to recognize cultures of their host countries in addition to the academic experience they will gain. These students, who make new friends and improve their foreign language proficiency, will have great advantage for achieving their career goals thanks to their international experience at their studies. Academic staff, who will benefit from Mevlana Exchange Programme, will have the opportunity to do researches with new academic perspectives in addition to lecturing abroad. They can continue their cooperation by the mutual interaction via various conferences, projects and seminars after returning their home institutions.

Terms and conditions for students

Mevlana Exchange Programme students continue to take their other scholarships and grants in their home countries and they have to do registration in their home institutions. They pay tuition fee to their home institution if they are supposed to and they do not pay any other tuition fee to the host institution. He scholarship amount to be paid to the Mevlana Exchange students differs according to the life standards of the country of the host institution.

Within the context of Mevlana Exchange Programme, the programme students can be paid up to three times of the amount that is monthly paid to bachelor degree students according to the Law no.5102 on Granting Scholarship and Loan to the Higher Education Students and in the ratios determined by Council of Higher Education Executive Board.


Scholarships During the Mevlana Exchange Programme

Incoming students from other countries to Turkish higher education institutions are granted according to the ratios determined by Council of Higher Education Executive Board.

In terms of the scholarships that will be paid to the students, 70% of the scholarship amount is paid monthly. For the student’s remaining grant payment, the ratio of total credits of the succeeded courses to the courses that the student is obliged to take as obligatory courses will be considered. In the event that the resources allocated for the higher education institution to exchange of Mevlana Exchange Programme student is insufficient, students may utilize their own personal means or special scholarships may be granted provided that it is in accordance with other terms of the programme.


 Terms and conditions for academic staff

Within the scope of Mevlana Exchange Programme, travel allowance stated in the Travel Expense Law no.6245 may be paid to incoming and outgoing academic staff while travel allowance and additional course fees may be paid as stated in Travel Expense Law no.6245 and article 10 of the Law no.2547. CHE Executive Board is authorized to determine additional course fees due to the countries and titles.

For detailed information:

Mevlana Coordinators

Deparment Name Surname E-mail Phone Academic Cv
Department of Archaeology Prof.Dr.Ayşe ÇALIK ROSS +9 (0262) 303 28 21 For detailed information
Department of Western Languages and Literatures Lecturer Zümrüt ALTINDAG +9 (0262) 303 29 21 For detailed information
Department of Biology Dr. Lecturer Yonca YÜZÜGÜLLÜ KARAKUS +9 (0262) 303 21 42 For detailed information
Department of Philosophy Dr. Lecturer Deniz KANIT +9 (0262) 303 28 48 For detailed information
Department of Physics Assoc.Prof.Dr. Jale SÜNGÜ +9 (0262) 303 20 47 For detailed information
Department of Chemistry Assoc.Prof.Dr. Selahaddin GÜNER +9 (0262) 303 20 36 For detailed information
Department of Mathematics Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nese ÖMÜR +9 (0262) 303 21 78 For detailed information
Department of History Lecturer Dr. Kurtulus KIYMET kurtulus.kiymet@kocaeli. +9 (0262) 303 28 09 For detailed information
Department of Turkish Language and Literature Prof.Dr. Hakan Behçet SAZYEK +9 (0262) 303 28 63 For detailed information