Mission - Vision


The main goals of the faculty are to provide our students;

    - to have excellent educational background, - to be innovative, open-minded and professional thinker, - to capable sharing their thoughts, - to direct the society and being responsive to social and environmental problems, - Arrogated to the principles of Atatürk being a life style.

In addition, the faculty targets to catch the universal norms with spending the efforts to make the internationally accepted successive scientific studies in order to participate to one of the respected faculties around world.


The faculty has many attempts; - to offer the students modern training possibilities, - to develop continually these possibilities, - to keep the communication with society most prior level, - to develop and make permanent cooperation between university and industry.

In this means, scientific symposiums, summer schools and conferences are organized in science and social fields. The resources of research laboratories are continually developed and spend efforts to make them the authority laboratories. The faculty also takes responsibility about preparing necessary social and physical background to continue the relationship between students and lecturers not only during the lectures, outside lectures as well and to realize the value of every opportunity to provide students being more active in training.