Department of History

History is an exciting and dynamic discipline that is always asking fascinating new questions about the past and answering important old questions in new ways. The study of history teaches us to think critically about how the past is fundamentally similar to the present, how the past is utterly different from the present, how the past is profoundly influential in shaping the present and how the past is recalled and remembered in the present.

History has long been a popular field of study, and with good reason. What better starting place can there be for thinking about how to act in the present than to understand how people have acted in the past? What better starting place can there be for thinking about the forces that shape people's lives in the present than to understand the forces that have shaped people's lives in the past? And what better way can there be to acquire the skills necessary for succeeding in the twenty-first century -- critical thinking, careful reading, energetic researching, analytical writing, and effective communicating -- than to choose a major or minor in which all of these are emphasized?


Our aim is to search the history of humanity with holistic and comparative approach and develop new research methods.


History department was established in 2004 and started education in 2006-2007 academic year. The department is divided into the this ages: History of Republic of Turkey, General Turkish History, History of Contemporary Age, History of Modern Ages, Middle-Age History and Ancient History.


Everything about humanity is interest historian. The historian know and understand the humanity owing to method of interdisciplinary.

Admission Requirements

Students who get the required verbal score from university placement test conducted by Student Selection and Placement Center are admitted to the program. There are no specific admission requirements other than the general requirements.

Graduation Requirements

is required To be graduated from the History Department is responsible in the eighth semester 157 course credits (240 ECTS) compulsory and elective courses along with the successful completion of this course